Published: 27th October 2010
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Some Rules In Picking out a Flat iron

The hair straightener today is what the curling iron was in the 80's, irreplaceable. Most women cannot imagine doing their hair without one or leaving the home without needing one first. As there are different types of hair, there are various kinds of hair straighteners to choose from. It is important to understand which kind of hair you have and which iron would best suit you. There are many factors that need to be taken into account.

Thick, curly, and unruly hair need to be straightened with an iron that can handle the hair type and it has the proper temperature. The temperature needs to vary from 380 to 410 degrees to flatten this type of hair easily. You also need the right sized plates, which are usually the larger sizes. A plate an inch or so is all that is needed for hair above shoulders, but longer hair will need one that's 1 1/2 to two inches wide. Plate material should also be tourmaline, ceramic, or titanium.

Hair that is average thick or a bit wavy is considered normal, but there's no "normal" with regards to hair. This type of hair straightens easier than thick but still requires a good temperature which range from 360 to 380 degrees for easy straightening. The plates for cuts above shoulders only have to be a half inch for an inch wide. But hair longer than that should use one that's one to two inches wide. Such as the ceramic plates, the material should be tourmaline, ceramic, or titanium also.

Thin hair is the lucky hair type, because this can use any size hair straightener. The size of the plates isn't important with this sort of hair, however the temperatures are. Thin and fine hair could be damaged easily when the temperatures are too hot. It is suggested the finer the head of hair is, the cooler the temperature ought to be. Start with a cool setting and come up to and including higher temperature for find the right setting for the hair. The temperature setting ought to always be below 360 degrees also.

To straighten hair safely, choosing the right plate material is essential. The very best materials are ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline. The popular choice among professions is ceramic. This produces an infrared heat that is gentle to the hair and seals it for shine. Titanium flattens the head of hair quickly and maintains a consistent heat level to prevent damage. And, tourmaline produces more negative ions than the usual ceramic one and helps to create even more shine when flattening the hair. All these kinds of plates are also better built and easier to use than cheaper models.

How hot the iron gets is essential, too hot and it will damage the head of hair. Choosing an iron that provides you control within the temperature settings will help you to choose the best temperature for your kind of hair. It's also vital that you have that control as thick hair needs more heat whereas fine hair can flatten with lower temperatures.

Some hair straighteners come with a few other features that some find attractive. Some are portable and carry a warranty together. Others will turn off automatically after a certain amount of time, which is ideal for those that forget to show things off. And, some others will warm up quickly, in a moment or less, which is available in handy for those that are always away from home and running late.

Hair is the one thing that you simply wear everyday which is important that you take care of it by using the best. There are lots of cheaper models available on the market that don't use the same plates as mentioned here, but they aren't as safe as the more costly models for your hair. Many good flat irons are affordable and therefore are safe for the hair and if you are going to use one, it's best that you opt for quality instead of price.

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